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SMSTool Next Update, Beta Testers required

Posted in Application, iPhone by srkode on May 5, 2009

Hi guys,

Been busy with other commitments. Now I am back to SMSTool and am adding new features to it.
Soon ill have the product ready, but will need some beta testers to test the product before i release it. Dont want any bugs to creep up this time 🙂

Please reply to this post or send an email to me in case you are interested.


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Language Translation – SMSTool

Posted in Application, Development, iPhone by srkode on April 21, 2009

I have noticed that even though many people love this application, there is one thing that would really help a lot of them – Multi-Language Support.

Now, I do not know that many languages, so if any volunteers can come forward, I will provide a list of strings to be translated and will update the application with those languages.

More the languages, better the application…

SMSTool upcoming features

Posted in Application, Development, iPhone by srkode on April 14, 2009

Well! now that the SMSTool 1.2 is released on Cydia and the response to it has been great.

I am thinking of a few more features to add to it:

  • Sending Contact info via SMS/Mail
  • Showing a character counter for length of message
  • Add a backup button to save all messages/templates/notes to file and send it as an attachment to a mail

Any more ideas?