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SMSTool 1.2FRC ready for release!!!

Posted in Application, Development, iPhone by srkode on April 11, 2009

I have finally completed the SMSTool with many features and submitted the app to cydia.

The features that are included are :

  • Landscape typing – message can then be forwarded as SMS/eMail or saved to Templates/Notes
  • Single SMS Deletion (Yes, it is possible for free!)
  • Save Notes -> Templates and vice versa
  • Send Note as message/mail
  • Save messages as Notes/Templates
  • And many more…

This version(FRC – Final Release Candidate) should be out in a day or two.

Some of the features that I am going to add in upcoming versions are:

  • Send contacts as SMS/Mail
  • A character counter to show number of characters in a message.

More suggestions are welcome…


SMSTool update

Posted in iPhone by srkode on April 10, 2009

I am almost done with the changes for the final release.

The features that would be added in this update are:

  • Contact names displayed where possible
  • Deletion of individual messages in Inbox/Sent/Template
  • Save messages to Templates
  • Write new messages in landscape/portrait mode which can then be sent as SMS/Mail or saved in Template/Notes
  • Save messages to Notes
  • Send notes as SMS/eMail or save them to Templates

Most of the changes are completed and only final touches remain. Hopefully by this weekend I should be able to push this update!

This app is absolutely free of cost and does not require any activation or license.
Although, I wouldn’t stop you people from donating if you wish to 😀

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