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when the going gets tough….

Posted in Development, iPhone by srkode on November 25, 2009

Hi All,

I know its been quite some time now since i have updated you on the progress. The sad news is that since Apple released 3.0, I am unable to develop for iPhone, as I use a Windows PC with a toolchain. Now, it is extremely difficult to set it up again for the new version. Also, developing using a notepad is quite time consuming too.

So, I am saving up to purchase a new MacBook Pro 13″ which should help me in developing not only SMSTool, which so many of you have loved, but also more applications, the ideas for which have been floating around in my mind.

Even though I am saving from my side, it would be of great help if those you who have liked the software just click the Donate button in the side and help me reach my target so that i get back to developing for this platform.

Thanks Guys!



SMSTool upcoming features

Posted in Application, Development, iPhone by srkode on April 14, 2009

Well! now that the SMSTool 1.2 is released on Cydia and the response to it has been great.

I am thinking of a few more features to add to it:

  • Sending Contact info via SMS/Mail
  • Showing a character counter for length of message
  • Add a backup button to save all messages/templates/notes to file and send it as an attachment to a mail

Any more ideas?

SMSTool 1.2FRC ready for release!!!

Posted in Application, Development, iPhone by srkode on April 11, 2009

I have finally completed the SMSTool with many features and submitted the app to cydia.

The features that are included are :

  • Landscape typing – message can then be forwarded as SMS/eMail or saved to Templates/Notes
  • Single SMS Deletion (Yes, it is possible for free!)
  • Save Notes -> Templates and vice versa
  • Send Note as message/mail
  • Save messages as Notes/Templates
  • And many more…

This version(FRC – Final Release Candidate) should be out in a day or two.

Some of the features that I am going to add in upcoming versions are:

  • Send contacts as SMS/Mail
  • A character counter to show number of characters in a message.

More suggestions are welcome…